How We're Different
We approach matters from a different perspective and history than most risk management and consulting firms. For example.
We are not affiliated with any mainline insurance broker or agent, insurance company, CPA firm, bank, investment bank, captive management company, or other consulting firm.

We are not beholden to the rigid structure of large houses. We have the flexibility to do whatever is necessary to achieve our clients' objectives--within the bounds of the law and ethics, of course!

We are generally known among our clients and many insurance agents as being very creative regarding ways to analyze, finance, and transfer risk.

Our practitioners generally have over 40 years risk management experience with the lowest being over 20 years.

We do not nickel and dime our clients. We prefer to work for a fixed fee plus expenses (and sometimes a success bonus) rather than hourly.

Our clients generally find us engaging and easy to work with.
As a Practice
We recommend, and assist in utilizing, non-traditional risk transfer, risk financing and risk mitigation options on behalf of the client, captive, self-insurance plan or risk pool when appropriate.

We utilize sophisticated analytics and provide meaningful interpretations of claim, loss and exposure data to assist management in making optimal risk and operational decisions.
As a Company
Fred R. White
Practicing through Fred R. White Risk Management & Consulting, Inc. & Affiliates
How We're Different
Risk Practitioner & Actuary