What Some of Our Clients Have Said
"We have found Mr. White's [actuarial] projections to be realistic and accurate. Our Board of Directors and our auditors are very satisfied with the service Mr. White has provided over the years [since 1987]. Mr. White has been very responsive to our needs, and always provides the requested service quickly, and the product is professional." University Medical Center - Tucson, AZ.

"The Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center Self-Insurance Plan has used Mr. White for actuarial services since 1986. Our office provides [self-insured] medical malpractice coverage for Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center and its over 800 physicians. ...It is without hesitation that I recommend Fred R. White Company for their medical risk management and actuarial services." Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center - Lubbock, TX

"Nabors Industries, Inc. has utilized Fred R. White as our risk management consultant…since 1979….We are delighted to recommend Fred White's services to other companies both within and outside of the oil and gas business." Nabors Industries, Inc. - Houston, TX

"I found Mr. White to be extremely helpful…His thorough knowledge and professional demeanor allowed us to move through these processes with confidence and significantly greater understanding of the issues before us…I heartily recommend him." C.S.P.H., Inc. dba Domino's Pizza - Dallas, TX

"Union Texas is extremely pleased with the quality of work you produced for our negotiations with Allied on residual loss funding….your report was the catalyst that resulted in a $6.6MM trust fund by Allied to support Union Texas' losses…Your presentation was professional and highly creditable." Union Texas Petroleum - Houston, TX

"You put a safety program into place that was far better and more practical than any insurance company had offered. Your advice and claims management assistance made the system work smoothly and achieve the desired results." Metzger Dairies, Inc. - Dallas , TX

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